Fourteen arrested as part of motorbike crime crackdown

Fourteen arrested as part of motorbike crime crackdown

Police in Edinburgh have arrested and charged 14 people throughout July as part of an operation to crackdown on motorcycle crime and misuse across the city.

Officers from the Divisional Violence Reduction Unit, who are supported by Edinburgh City Council, have used decoy motorcycles placed in several locations to identify suspects. These are monitored and action is taken by the officers when attempts are made to steal the motorbikes. Six youths have been arrested and charged during these deployments.

Uniformed evidence gathering teams with high definition cameras have also been deployed across the city to deter offenders and record evidence of misuse.

Edinburgh’s dedicated vehicle crime team have also identified a further 8 men during the month for other vehicle crime committed across the city.

Those arrested have been charged with a number of offences and reported to the Procurator Fiscal or Children’s Reporter.

Edinburgh Division Superintendent Richard Horan said: “Over the past few years our community engagement surveys have consistently highlighted the public’s concern regarding vehicle crime and associated anti-social behaviour with motorcycles in particular. Our dedicated vehicle crime team, supported by initiatives such as this, are having an effect in preventing and detecting vehicle crime.

“I’d encourage the public to help us make our streets and public spaces safer by reporting sightings of motorcycle misuse or abandoned motorcycles,. This can be done anonymously using Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111, or directly through us on 101.”

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5 Responses to "Fourteen arrested as part of motorbike crime crackdown"

  1. RUBBISH Would not beleive that for a moment, made up crap to make everybody think they are doing something about it another case of throw the dog a bone to keep it happy. I have never seen the police give chase after any off them around moreden, And when you call the police the say ok we will get someone out they never show or they say there is not much they can do as its very have to catch them on a bike. I am very sure the police have trials bikes.

  2. Concerned community · Edit

    We were told that they couldn’t do anything and to lock your bike up. That the kids were too you to charge. That we needed to lock our bikes better. This was just two weeks ago…

  3. The police are powerless and couldn’t care less !!

    14 arrests ! But zero charges and zero convictions so basically a pointless article,
    No wait, not pointless, it shows how powerless the police are and that absolutely nothing effective is being done to prevent this crime !


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